About Me

My name is Miles Ashton.

I am a freelance sound engineer based in London, UK.

I was born in 1968 in what is now Charing Cross Police Station. It was a hospital back then.

I started mixing live sound at the age of 15 with NYJO (the UK National Youth Jazz Orchestra) and by the time I'd finished my A levels at the age of 18, I was already a sound engineer. There was never anything else I was going to do.

I used to go to recording sessions and sit next to the engineer and take it all in, asking many questions and soon enough, it was me doing it.

I've toured the world, mixed many hundreds of live concerts from small clubs to large festivals and arenas with a wide variety of artists. I've recorded and mixed over 60 albums both live and in the studio, mastered CDs, mixed live sound for radio and TV and many, many live streams.

I've lectured about live concert sound and studio recording & mixing techniques in the UK and internationally.

I'm the Technical Manager of Ronnie Scott's Jazz club in London.

I am a member of the DPA Masters Club.


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